Trina Hamlin Sound

Trina Hamlin performing at NoHo Sound in Manhattan. Out By 10. May 11, 2018

I had read that Trina Hamlin had performed with the Indigo Girls, among many other remarkable names in her career. Hearing her perform in the cool, intimate loft setting at NoHo Sound near Cooper Union in Manhattan, I had to wonder if she got her sound from the Indigo Girls or if the Indigo Girls got their sound from her. I don’t know, but my gut says the latter. She’s amazing.

She was performing at Susan Seliger’s Out By 10 in May. The loft setting at NoHo Sound made it feel like a personal concert, which it was.

Susan’s last show until fall will be on June 8, 2018, featuring the amazing Walter Parks. There could be nothing more cool than to have the chance to see Walter perform in a loft.

Oh, Trina is from Minnesota. How cool is that? Ya know.

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